FUE Method

This method of restoration is achieved by the extraction and movement of healthy hair follicles from areas on the body where hair is abundant to areas on the scalp where thinning has occurred. These hair follicles maybe taken from the back of the head or even chest and back hair can be deployed. FUE is a method of hair transplantation that can be achieved without the use of a scalpel or the need for stitches. As a result no scarsare left to detect from the natural appearance of this innovative form of hair restoration.


Antibiotics & mild pain pills to reduce the chance of pain & swelling are taken the first three days after the procedure. You can shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo on day 3 following surgery and can return to work and most regular activities. Patients find that their “new” hair falls out within 3-6 weeks after surgery. This condition is normal and almost always temporary. After hair falls out, it will take another 5-6 weeks before hair growth resumes. To help accelerate the growth of the transplants, we recommend the patient to start the medicinal treatment protocol again as it reverses or halts the miniaturization process many individuals and is thus the logical way to decrease the risk of shedding following a transplant.


You may need a “touch-up” procedure to create more natural-looking results or to increase the density if required.This is carried out approx. 6-8 months following the first surgery. The results of hair replacement surgery can enhance your appearance, self-confidence and change your persona.


This new approach, where hair follicles are transplanted using the FUE technique while rejuvenating the patients pre-existing hair using Follicular Enrichment Therapy( Mesotherapy), is a revolution in the field of hair loss. The results have been excellent, giving patients a one time solution for baldness that lasts a lifetime.